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Alastair MacKinnon MBACP (Reg'd Counsellor) FRSA

I offer professional counselling and psychotherapy services . I am based in Edinburgh, and since the COVID pandemic, as well in-person sessions, I also offer counselling via online video and telephone counselling. This can be for anyone in the UK.
Everyone is different. That we can all acknowledge ! You have your unique reasons for looking for help. Maybe you feel stuck in a difficult place in your life - in your relationship, at work or at home, you may be struggling to believe that it can be different.

My aim is to help you discover the changes that you want to make and to help you bring that about.
Life is complex ; few of us have it all sorted, especially in these difficult and strange times.You may be dealing with low mood and depression, anxiety, stress, relationship problems or addictive behaviour, or you may be struggling with anger, grief or just feel that life is getting on top of you.

Is now the right time for you to explore and understand more clearly what’s going on? You can talk to me in a way and about things that you may never talk to anyone else about, without judgement or shame.

I am a qualified Counsellor and Supervisor in Edinburgh, Registered Member of the BACP , and a counselling member of COSCA .My career has included senior posts in the public and third/charity sectors. My experience along with my skills as a counsellor help me to understand the particular difficulties that many people face in high profile or high stress situations and jobs. Often difficulties remain unacknowledged or hidden for months or years, and the process of counselling can help you address the effects they are having on you and those around you.

Make the next step and contact me on 07788 106671 or email me here.

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What can I offer?
I offer counselling and psychotherapy to adults, couples and students /young people (18+) from all backgrounds who are experiencing difficulties or looking to address a wide range of issues.

I also have a lot of experience of providing counselling for individuals and couples who are having issues with their relationships, whatever the sexual orientation involved. (also see Couples Counselling page)
I am also experienced in working with people who are looking for counselling that takes account of their faith or spirituality.
I have an Institute of Leadership and Management Award in Leadership ( level 9) and use my workplace experience as a CEO/senior manager as well as a counsellor with clients who may require support and therapy that is business and work related.

Are there other things happening to you at the moment that counselling and psychotherapy may help you with?
I am professionally trained to listen to your problems, and to do so with an open mind. I will try to understand as fully as possible what you come with and how it is affecting your life. It's not my role to judge or to provide quick fixes. As a counsellor I will work with you to help you use your own inner resources, so that you can cope and respond to the issues you are facing. Very often counselling can help you access the inner knowledge that you already have .. maybe that you have been ignoring or not trusting yourself to listen to ! I will try to help you to live a more effective and happier life, and encourage you to take the insights that you develop through counselling into the rest of your life. One hour a week with me isn't enough to make the changes most people are looking for ... you need to apply it in the rest of the 167 hours of the week ! As I wrote in my recent blog :

Change, and especially ‘personal change’ often involves loss, giving up or giving away something that we have held on to – for good or ill. The reality is that we can often choose to cling to the familiar and ‘ comfortable ‘ while so wanting things to be otherwise. Loss of ‘ face’, fear of disapproval can be such powerful anchors holding us back. Focusing on the past, or getting caught up in our heads about what others may think about us, leads to the traps of ‘optionless’ thinking, negativity and ‘stuckness’.

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Making initial contact

After a conversation over the phone or by email (if email -I would also prefer to speak to you on the phone ), we can agree a time for an initial consultation.

In our first meeting we will have an opportunity to discuss why you are seeking counselling, and then to agree a way forward. We would also agree how and at what times sessions will take place, and how many sessions we initially agree to meet for.

You can contact me on 07788 106671 or email me here.

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