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Couples/Relationship Counselling

Problems in relationships are a frequent cause of unhappiness and frustration. You may be struggling with the behaviour of your partner or have been trying to deal with communication issues between you. If your marriage or relationship is in difficulty, or if you would like to make your partnership more satisfying, call or e-mail me today and make an appointment.

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Who comes to Couple Therapy?
Relationships counselling is for all couples - married, co-habiting partners and same sex/LGBTQI+relationships.

Couples often seek counselling when their relationship is in crisis, but it can also be helpful at times of change and adjustment.

Even at the start of a new relationship, you may want to take time together to explore what you expect of each other, especially if previous relationships have been unhappy or unsuccessful. In any relationship, pre-marriage/civil partnership counselling can be helpful as a means of openly exploring your expectations of each other with the help of an open and trusted professional.

Or perhaps you are looking for counselling to help you separate in the least damaging way, and work through that in a safe environment with a trusted counsellor.

What does it involve?
We can make a time for an initial consultation with you both.I will listen to both of you with care and impartial attention. We will explore what you expect counselling to do for your relationship, whether you are working through a difficult time, or wanting to address issues that are making you unhappy together.

If you choose to continue with counselling, we will begin to explore your relationship in depth. I will help you to address the difficulties or issues without judgement or blame. We will aim to help you develop a deeper understanding of each other, improve the quality of your communication with each other, and help you create a more satisfying partnership for you both.

I will often help couples to look not only at the current issues in their relationship, but also to help uncover what may be underlying them, what may be re-creating problems and stopping you from resolving them.

We all bring our personal histories into our relationships, and sometimes that can cause difficulties in our relationships. We often do not even know how much we are responding to old ways of relating to others, which are no longer appropriate or helpful. How we have grown up in our own families, where we learn to relate to others, is often very important.

In Couples therapy I would expect to see you regularly and at first preferably in weekly sessions. Both partners normally need to attend together. You may only need a few sessions to help you through a difficult time, or you may need longer term help.
An introductory 1hr appointment is £50. Ongoing daytime sessions are £60 per hour.
Evening sessions, if I have availability (after 6pm start) are £70 per hour. 90 minutes couples sessions are charged pro rata.

Can I attend on my own?
If you are in a relationship which is in crisis or making you unhappy, but your partner does not want to come to counselling, you can make an appointment to see me alone, and we can focus on your needs within an individual therapy setting. Individual therapy sessions are for an hour.

Contact me, Alastair MacKinnon,on 07788 106671 or use the email form above to make an appointment.

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