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Prices & Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

My fee range at present is £45 to £60 and is based on the appointment time and availability for an individual who is self-funding. I sometimes have a limited number of daytime sessions for students/lower income.
Evening appointments fees are usually charged at a higher fee.

Self -funding Couples Therapy - from £50 (introductory 1 hr session) and £60 ongoing work. Evening sessions after 6pm are £70 per hour session.

Fees for organisational clients available on request: ask me if this applies to you or your company/organisation may be interested in my services.

You can pay by CARD (when in person ), or by arrangement, by electronic invoice or BACS transfer in advance, and for online work.
I review my pricing policy annually.

Call me on 07788 106671

In order for you to benefit from counselling it is important that you attend each session. I require 48 hours notice to cancel a session otherwise you will be charged the normal session fee.

Do I need a referral from my GP? No, there is no need for a referral. You may , of course, decide to inform your GP that you are receiving counselling, if you felt it was appropriate.

Do you offer group therapy? I offer small group therapy at certain points during the year. I would expect to have a number of individual sessions with you however, before considering you for a group.

How often do I attend?
I would usually expect you to have weekly therapy at first in order to make significant changes. I realise that finance can be an issue however, and if this is the case,please feel free to discuss this openly with me.Occasionally,people have sessions fortnightly or twice a week, or may have extra sessions at particular points.We would discuss frequency of sessions in the regular reviews our work.

How long is counselling or psychotherapy for?
This is an entirely individual matter and depends upon many things - the issues we are dealing with, their nature and severity. Some people achieve the results they want in just a few weeks, others may take months or even years. It is important that we go at the pace that suits you. We would discuss the expected length of therapy at an early stage in our work.

How do I find out more?
You can call me now on 07788 106671 or email me (see side-bar) if there is more you would like to know. I always like to speak to you before making an appointment.

If we decide to meet, we would start with an initial assessment session.
I will ask you about yourself, what has brought you to counselling and what you would like to achieve. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. It will give us the chance to decide if we can work together and whether, or not, I am able to offer you the support you are seeking.

If I am not able to help you, I will try to refer you to a colleague who may be able to offer the kind of help that you need.

For more information contact me on 07788 106671 or use the email form at the top of the page.

Just CLICK HERE to see the location of my counselling service in Edinburgh.

Alastair MacKinnon DipCouns, DipSuperv., LL.B.,B.D.(Hons),FRSA

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